Active Isolated Stretching

The core of our therapy is Active Isolated Stretching, a flexibility and strength program that uses focused, assisted exercises, and short duration stretches.

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Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation

We treat pain and injuries (from sports, accidents, or any type of physical trauma), and facilitate rehabilitation from injury, trauma, or surgery.

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Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic physicians use their hands to diagnose, treat and prevent illness or injury, and can prescribe medicine and perform surgery.

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Specialized Therapy

We offer patients from all walks of life a variety of specialized, hands-on therapy services that improve function and enhance quality of life.

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News & Events

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QuistMD's Summer Stretch Fest at Broad Branch Market!

Thanks to everyone who came out to join us in the ...

QuistMD is Launching its Sporty Doc Campaign

Want a doctor who can relate? Many of you may not ...

Dr. Haggquist Interviewed in

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Quist MD Is Hiring! Physical Therapists Wanted... read article

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