Initial appointment

Your initial visit will be 90 minutes, which includes 40-60 minutes with Dr. Haggquist. He’ll review your medical history, conduct a comprehensive physical exam, discuss your goals and priorities and create a personalized treatment plan. The rest of your first appointment will be spent with one of our highly skilled therapists getting started on treatment.

Although it varies, new patients can typically be scheduled within 1-2 weeks of requesting an appointment. If you’re lucky (and flexible), we may be able to schedule you the same day!

New patient registration

Register on our patient portal at onpatient by DrChrono to:

  • quickly provide the information we'll need
  • see information from your appointment, as well as past and future appointments
  • easily send us any questions or messages
  • update your medical history so we can instantly be up to date on your status
  • quickly access the materials (exercises, radiology orders, etc) we give you without searching through email.


Complete new patient forms before your visit.

I cannot state how happy I am with Dr. Haggquist and his team. His ability to listen, then methodically diagnose the injury and prescribe the treatment plan, is like no one else. I highly recommend a consultation if you are dealing with an injury.
— Stephen Conley, Chevy Chase, MD

Follow-up appointments

Follow-up therapy appointments are one therapeutic hour (55 min). Our patients typically work with one of our therapists for 3-4 visits, while continuing to meet with Dr. Haggquist as needed. Although you will not see Dr. Haggquist every time you come into the office, he oversees all patient care and reviews every therapy note. Our team also meets regularly to discuss each patient. This enables us to ensure the highest level of ongoing, individualized care for you.

Payment and Insurance

We are out-of-network providers. Payment is due at time of service. We electronically file your insurance claim for you to make sure it’s done promptly and effectively and to optimize your reimbursement.

We do not participate with Medicare. If you’re covered by Medicare or have supplemental insurance, please discuss with us.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

Since Dr. Haggquist and the therapists see one patient at a time, typically for 60-90 minutes, your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you.  That being said, in order to respect and make the most of our therapist’s time, we maintain a 36 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel an appointment without providing at least 36 hours advance notice, you will be charged the cancellation charge.   

No shows or appointments cancelled without 36 hours notice will result in a cancellation charge for $150 per doctor’s appointment and $75 per therapist appointment.  Future appointments will not be made until the cancellation charge has been paid in full.  

If you have extenuating circumstances, and are able to reschedule within the week, consideration will be given.  However, all late cancellations and no shows are noted in the patient record.  


For your convenience, we have two large restrooms available for you to change clothes.

Medical Forms & Documentation

Due to the time involved in completing medical forms & documentation, there is a fee assessed for this service.  For forms and letters of medical necessity, this may range from $75-125, depending on the extent of input required.  This may take a week or more to complete, so please plan accordingly.  Please also pre-fill the forms to the greatest extent possible, in order to expedite this process.

During my treatment at QuistMD, Dr. Haggquist not only addressed my shoulder pain in its entirety but took every opportunity to explain the reasons behind my pain, and taught me how to prevent future injuries through proven methodology. I’d definitely recommend QuistMD if you want to stay pain free, and reach peak performance.
— Zacharias Kennedy, Chicago, IL